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Welcome to the midi page.

It is listed by alphabetical order (well kind of)             Updated 1/3/98
1492 Flying Dreams
Aladdin December 
American Tail Rock'n Robin
House of the Rising Sun Guilagin's Island
Animaniacs .Color's of the Wind
Barbie American Pie
Blazing Saddles Lion Sleeps Tonight
Candle in the Wind Coming to America 
Cats Melody When John Comes Marching 
Les Misrable(Do You here the people Sing) Wonderful World 
Dr. Who .
Duck Tales .
Footlose ..
Cheers .
Power of Love .
Gangsters Paradise .
Ghost Busters .
Hercules .
Home Improvement .
Lois & Clark .
Mash .
Memory .
Monty Pothan .
Phantom .
Pink Panther .
Sea Quest .
Sounds of Silence .
Simpsons .
Sound of Music .
We Didn't Start the Fire .
Star Trek .
Star Trek (NG) .
Superman ..
Mission Impossible .
Tiny Toons .
Top Gun ..
Transformers .
Voyager ..
We Will Rock You .
X-Files .
X-Men .
Give me the Strength to Carry on ..
My Only Love ..
She's Got the Power ..
Oh Starry Night .
Rainy Day Man ..
Ymca .
Charitot of Fire .
Indiana Jones ..
Eye Of The Tiger  .
Calafornia Deams .
                                                                            Expect more to come!!
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