About me you ask?
I am a freshmen at the University of New Haven.  I am working on a degree in Mechanical Engineering (ME).  At the end of the school year the  ME's are going to race an electric truck that we have been working on.  Last year we did very well for our first time, placing 8th.  This year with new designs we will do much better.

On to the other stuff.  In the dorm where I live there are four of us.

Me----I hope you know enough about me by now.  If you check out Adams' home page He will tell you I am an X-File.  To make him happy I put the X-File theme on.  He and Jeremy have been wanting me to start a home page.  During winter brake I have decided to do it.  At lest it will get them to stop.

Chris--is my room mate.  He is majoring in Civil Engineering.  He one of those people who would do anything he could to help you.  He is a real nice guy and a good room mate.

Adam-is my suite mate.  He is majoring in Forensic Science.  He has a home page too, he is the one who got me started.

Brad--is my other suite mate.  he is majoring in Forensic Science too.

This sounds almost like some kind of TV show.  :)